Some sources claim that leaning is a sign of dominance in dogs. You should see no dog growling, snarling or barking). Why is it important to know what this behavior means? Dog on the Couch: Do’s and Don’ts trybex/Deposit Photos. The area behind your sofa is small and somewhat dark, so he instinctively feels safe. SW: This behavior is sometimes labeled as pushy or the dog is trying to control the human. Last update: Dec 27, 2020 1 answer. There's often no harm in your pup sneaking beneath or behind your sofa for a little rest and relaxation, but you may want him to stay out of the area because he's destructive or because of exposed cords. My previous dog … Some sit on your feet, sleep with their paws on you, and snuggle up on the couch or bed. He's very large, Rottweiler/Lab so it's not just convenient for him. Your dog wants to sit in the warm spot. Possible reasons why your dog sits behind you are that it finds it more comfortable there, it is being protective, it feels safer there, it has some separation anxiety or that you have inadvertently encouraged the behavior. My dog (banned from the sofa in our house) does this at my Mums if she looks after her - I think it is because her eye level is at the same level as the window so she can see out without moving. Attention. However, dog behavior experts have proven that old canine dominance theories are incorrect. 10 Strange Dog Behaviors Explained. 6 Reasons Why Your Dog Likes to Sit on You 1. For example, sniffing each other. I believe it is important to know that we do not always communicate like dogs. Most people want to share their couch with their dogs—my dog is sitting next to me as I write this. 1. So, why does my dog sit behind me? Your dog will come sit on you, perhaps bringing a toy or showing his belly, when he wants some playtime and attention. They are dogs and come with dog language we can learn to understand. Why does my dog sit in my spot when I get up? But there's no fighting thunder, fireworks or other loud noises, so his first response is usually to flee. My dog sits and lays on the top edge of the couch just like a cat would. In my professional opinion, it’s not so cut and dry. Best Answer. Dogs are social animals and need displays of love from their owners. I disagree with that. However, you may have read that allowing your dog on the couch is not a good idea because it may send the wrong message. Cue your dog with your "touch" command to get "on the couch" (or whatever piece of furniture you are working with). Sitting in your spot when you get up shows your dog's affection for you, but the chosen spot comes back to the master with no unwanted behavior. She's not a small dog either - think large collie sized. If your dog likes to climb up high, you might just want to try convincing him that life for canines is really much safer when he keeps his four feet on ground level. Yes, dogs do like to sit in high places and there are some good reasons why they do, but it can put them in danger of hurting themselves. If the fear stems from a living thing, such as another dog or child, your dog might stand his ground. One of the most popular reasons given for dogs always sitting in your spot when you get up is because they just like how comfortable it feels. Immediately Target your dog "off" the couch, as soon as he does it click and treat! Why does my dog sit behind the couch? In this post, I’ll explain why your dog is sitting on you, and when it’s cause for concern. This could, for example, have happened when as a puppy, your dog explored the underside of the furniture or scampered there because it was scared, only to find you waiting for it with a hug, unknowingly positively reinforcing the behavior. Your dog could be hiding behind the couch or under the bed because it thinks you like it when she does that. Repeat 3-5 times.

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