(c) Identify alternative plans that could achieve your goals. (b) £13.33 and Central Govt. Explanation are given for understanding. (a) 8% Bill pays $1,200 in monthly taxes. (b) Credit management If the selling price were increased by 25% then the break-even level would now be: $200 for groceries. (c) £13.15 (a) purchase price This paper . 53. (a) selecting a loan that charges a competitive low interest rate. (a) Insurance Finance (MCQ) objective questions & answers with explanation for interview, freshers, Students, PSU exam, IES, NET/SET/JRF, ICWA, CA & other competitive exams etc. The apex body of Income Tax Department. _Hasync.push(['Histats.track_hits', '']); Finance › Bank › Account › Taxation. Income Tax Laws text book pdf: Download Income Tax Laws text book pdf for B.com 3rd year students. Search Search. (d) Increase the net present value Answer: d, __________ planning involves determining how much you should set aside each year for retirement and how you should invest those funds in the short term. (a) Lower fixed costs. Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning Last updated: March 2016 McGill University 4 Course … (b) Raw materials 2. })(); Copyright © 2019. Answer: b, A(n) __________ represents what you give up as a result of making an alternative decision. (d) Revenues received after the payback period when using the payback method. (b) Lengthen the payback period 3 collected revenues – people pay into a pool when they are healthy and can draw on these funds when sick. _Hasync.push(['Histats.fasi', '1']); (c) 8% (c) assets; expenses (a) The career choice is restricted to students who are just completing their education 11. Answer: a, Which of the following is not a perspective of the balanced scorecard? MCQ On Financial Management. FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING EXAMINATION PAST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS – PDF FILE. If the debt is repaid after 120 days then the interest on this amount would be equal to: (c) determining the maturity (length of time) of the loan. Due to liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation, there has been a steep jump in the number of very young millionaires in our country. Principle of equality: B. Answer: d, Interest on a debt of £500 is to be charged at 8% per annum. She seeks financial advice on long-term wealth accumulation and an appropriate asset allocation. (c) Variable unit cost decreased His monthly rent totals $1,000, and he incurs other monthly household payments as follows: (a) 18,750 units. These Income Tax GK Quiz or General Awareness quiz objective questions answers are very helpful for competitive exams BBA, MBA, PGDBM etc. To browse Academia.edu and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds to upgrade your browser. 5 Questions | By Mehtajimmit | Last updated: Apr 25, 2016 | Total Attempts: 1070 . Answer: b, Which of the following pieces of information will not be needed to ascertain the break-even volume level? Accounting Ratios are important tools used by (a) Managers, (b) Researchers, (c) Investors, (d) All of the above 2. (c) Higher production costs per unit of output. Uploaded by. The Internet facilitates financial planning by providing, If you give something up as a result of making a decision, you are incurring a(n). 10. 6. (b) How much money you should maintain in your checking account A short summary of this paper. Which of the following is not a limitation of break-even charts? (b) Higher sales Trivia Quiz . (b) Internal business procedure Which of the following is not a method of capital investment appraisal? (b) Financial plans need not be revised to reflect changes in your financial position or your goals. (d) 10% GK POWER CAPSULE FOR RBI ASSISTANT/ IPPB MAINS & IDBI PO, Analysis of Non-Fund Based Financial Services: Some Insights From Inida. (c) personal finance objective (c) What is the value of your investments? Wealth Management was once thought to be the domain of Very Rich People (High Net Worth Individuals). (b) information on all parts of the financial plan, such as budgeting, managing liquidity, financing, investing, insurance, and retirement planning. Powered by Team CSS Times. (c) Extension to existing premises (d) None of the above Which of the following would be classified as a sunk cost? Download Full PDF Package. Play as. (d) Rent (d) None of the above "Shareholder wealth" in a firm is represented by: a) the number of people employed in the firm. (a) Have no effect (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(hs); (b) 10.7% (b) 20,000 units (b) Factory maintenance. Your __________ is (are) the value of what you own minus the value of what you owe. Financial Planning & Advice Level 4 Investment Advice Diploma – Financial Planning & Advice What is the Financial Planning & Advice exam? Answer: a, Financial advisers: (a) Liquidity Direct TAX MCQ Question with Answer Direct TAX MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Answer: c, An appropriate financial plan will probably not be influenced by one’s (c) Sunk costs. (a) Vision and strategy can be presented into a set of performance targets (c) Net present value Students can access the text online or offline on up to four devices. Fixed overheads £75,000 Answer: a, Which of the following is not a type of decision made to protect your assets and to plan beyond your career? Answer: b, to buy this book Whatsapp your order at 03000459551, sir, this file is not being downloaded. Tax' is imposed on a person by - State Govt. (b) What are your intermediate-term financial goals? Answer: a, Having a __________ level of future wealth (from more savings) requires you to sacrifice by having a __________ level of spending today. Financial Planning Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), financial planning quiz answers PDF to study online finance course. (a) reduce; repay existing (a) How much money to spend on stereo equipment (c) Directors remuneration Answer: c, Which of the following would not be a benefit of adopting the balanced scorecard? These are principles of taxation: A. ‘Financial Planning’ is the most important one. Answer: d, Which of the following is incorrect? (b) wealth. Hi, I am SOM, a State Added (WB) Lecturer … Take financial planning quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge on “Financial Planning Basics for Beginners module”. (c) liquidity problem. (a) How long the project will last for when using ARR var hs = document.createElement('script'); hs.type = 'text/javascript'; hs.async = true; Basic economics MCQs with answers on the topic of public finance for interview, entry test and competitive examination freely available to download for pdf export CSS :: Public Finance @ : Home > Economics > Public Finance. (d) Payback period (a) Tax (a) £40.00 In this case, the APR would be:

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