Matt G. (author) from United States on May 07, 2020: I'm not sure what you mean by "lines" in the coating. Cleanup can also be a real pain. I'm glad to hear my article helped you with the project. Then you won't get the pinholes anymore. Roll over after that and you've messed up the finish quality badly! Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Yes, High Hide White is the base color for this enamel before tint is added. Even though the color may look blue in natural light, it may sometimes exhibit a tinge of greenish effect as well. I would give 5 stars if the price would be around 40$/g. I applied 3 coats of Emerald Urethane over 2 coats of Bin Shellac based Primer sanding with a 220 between each coat. If so with what grit sand paper is best? I am excited to announce I am preparing a review for a the new Sherwin Williams Emerald paint, which is the flagship coating in their new 0 VOC colorant system. That's probably the reason it's spitting frequently. Is it possible to just repaint missing spots on the cabinet with my sprayer PT or do I need to go over the whole panel? Another potential problem is over-thinning the paint. It will hit store shelves in July along with its outdoor counterpart, Emerald Exterior. Proclic Alkyd Interior Enamel Sherwinwilliams. If the paint was tinted to a dark color this slows down the cure time a lot. Answer: Yes, you can fill the grain after priming with BIN, but the filler should be primed to seal it. If it's already painted, you don't need to use primer. The Super Paint line has been the work horse for Sherwin Williams for many years. I'm sure it would be fine, but the clear coat can sometimes change the color of paint a little, or yellow it. But I have read Emerald is a lot better and comes in Matte. Question: What primer should I use on Kraftmaid factory painted and distress glazed cabinets? Small bubbles form right away if you spray too thin of a coating. Some whites I've used are Snowbound, West Highland White, Creamy and Extra White. Answer: Yes, I've sprayed this product in dark grey on cabinets without any challenges. Matt G, I am thinking of using this paint for my cupboards, but like you, I have heard mixed reviews about the satin sheen. Is there a difference in looks of the two paintsOr is it just the application is better for my painter? Answer: I've used several different colors with Emerald urethane, including Hi Hide White, which is one of the base colors (no tint) for this product that's replaced the Extra White base. If you are in the market in 2019, for a semi-gloss paint that will stand the test of time, look no further than Emerald® from Sherwin-Williams™. Answer: I spray Emerald urethane through my Graco 495 airless sprayer, using a size 212 FFLP tip (green color). Great thread! I am painting white and don’t want it to yellow so I’m going to use SW emerald erethane as suggested. I used Sherwin Williams Emerald urethane trim enamel for bathroom cabinets and the paint and primer both are gummy and come when you rub them. I usually use 220 grit. I am doing 2 coats of primer and sanding between them. I’ve seen you recommend both in your articles (I’m not wanting to use ProClassic because I am an amateur painter and I’ve heard it’s difficult to use). I will be doing Alabaster on hickory cabinets. There never was an actual "core" company called Sherwin Williams. Hello! I had to go and buy more today since it didn't cover well, and spoke about it to the manager. Don't use latex primer unless it's already painted and in good condition. This stuff is just too tacky for how long it has been. No need to top coat the paint with a clear coat. I\\\'ve only used a few gallons on one job and I was very disappointed with results. Is there a difference? “ We have used Sherwin Williams Duration paint before so we are new to this Emerald series, which is supposed to be the best and most expensive. The person at Lowes tinting it messed up the first batch and had to tint a new can. About to do all my cabinets with this paint using the extreme bond primer and emerald urethane on the laminated panels. If yes, what kind of primer? The entire back face was supported on a slightly textured floor for 20-30 minutes. Hoping a polyurethane will harden the finish and provide a little bit of shine, just not too much.Thank you for your help here at this site. My Review Of Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane On Cabinets Dengarden. 54$ with tax it's too pricey to me. I spray painted oak cabinets with this product and found it to level exceptionally well over two sanded coats of BIN shellac primer. Less pricey paints and the more affordable options to review include the Duration Home and SuperPaint, both by Sherwin Williams… I've never sprayed this product through an HVLP, but you'll definitely have to reduce the paint in that case. Then we also wanted to paint a wall in the kitchen with the same color paint. My painter always works with oil base paint but I’m sensitive to oil base paint for some reason and the smell is too over powering(I’ve remodeled lots of homes). It means a lot to me.Wished he had used the paints your recommend. Used the Satin over semi-gloss and stuck like crazy with no sanding of old paint. I find it funny reading all these results and wondering how a moron could give this paint a low rating. The re-coat time for this paint is four hours. I built two cabinets with 19mm Baltic Birch plywood. Emerald urethane enamel, not the regular acrylic Emerald, is durable too. The paint finish itself feels harder than other paints I've used. But the semi-gloss is extremely glossy and had a plastic look to it when I used it before. Emerald latex paint from Sherwin Williams, which the company markets as having an equivalent equally share similar price tag with Aura. I found the paint to be noticeably harder to the touch after two days had passed, passing the fingernail test. Is it the same thing that using the regular one with my airless sprayer? It really dries and sticks hard to even a plastic roller pan insert. The paint is expensive and should have better coverage. I had the gun set to a 7. The tips on these cans clog more too in my experience. Emerald® Exterior Acrylic Latex and new Emerald® Rain Refresh™ Exterior Acrylic Latex offer best-in-class overall performance in exterior paints. \r\n\r\nIn the future I\\\'ll stick with my personal interior favourites. I like using 150-grit for the first sanding to remove the clear coat, then I use 220-grit in between coats. Purdy paint brushes are what I've always used the most. I have used their New ProMar 200 Zero VOC with great results at a much lower price. Sherwin Williams Review. Removing the tape from the doors at the end of the job was difficult. Semi-gloss also has excellent adhesion over old semi-gloss, again without sanding. Technology Product Details Data Sheet. Tough combo. Two coats of BIN will give you a higher build and better seal, plus your paint will perform best over two prime coats. Last question, what’s the best DIY paint sprayer for this paint? So, I switched the tip to a 212 and it turned out even worse, very orange peely. Available in all Sherwin-Williams colors and custom tints in flat, satin and gloss. For 75.00 gal retail. with your recommendation, I hope I can help the situation. This primer doesn't react well with tint and can only be tinted with a max of 2 ounces of universal colorant. In my experience, this paint doesn't sag easily on vertical surfaces, unlike Pro Classic, which can be a nightmare to work with if you aren't careful. I'm a homemaker and I loved the finish. Sherwin-Williams™ Emerald® wins Best exterior paint for 2019, so it does Best interior paint brand also! Get directions, reviews and information for Sherwin-Williams Floorcovering Store in Lansing, MI. I was actually skeptical about using this product because I'm not a fan of the regular Emerald interior paint, but the two paints are completely different. Answer: Yes, I remove cabinet doors and spray them off site, laying flat on a spray rack that allows me to flip the door over so I can spray both sides in one session. Initial Sherwin-Williams complaints should be directed to their team directly. Sherwin Williams Proclic Acrylic Semi Gloss You. I'm not familiar with Pro Choice paint, so I don't if you meant Pro Classic enamel. Answer: Yes, Emerald urethane sands well by wet sanding. Answer: You didn't mention if you painted the cabinets with two coats or only one coat. I'm worried. I wouldn't use the aerosol can to spray primer over all of your cabinets. Emerald is awesome. SUBSCRIBE & turn on notifications so you never miss a video! This was a waste of my time!!! Scraping it this morning resulted in peeling but it seemed noticeably harder. If the paint is soft and rubbery, it sounds like a cheap wall or trim paint was used, or the cabinets weren't prepped right. Hi, I am so glad I ran across your post, I hope you are still answering questions! If you go any rougher than 220-grit in between coats, you'll probably see scratch marks in the paint. Thank you for this article, so much useful information! I dont want to use my airless sprayer with oil paints for now. How was your experience in this? Coverage is great. This product is several years old. which comes … You can only use up to 2 ounces of colorant for oil primer, in most cases, but even following the specs, I've had problems tinting oil. We just finished spraying (older Wagner HVLP) our cabs with SW Emerald urethane and I wanted to share a few observations. I will be painting my kitchen cabinets with Emerald using a Wagner pro 130 airless sprayer. The water base makes it dry fast, the alkyd base makes it level out, and the Urethane base makes it dry harder. The sprayer you're using has to be sealed in order to safely spray flammable material like the original BIN shellac primer, or oil-based primer. (Start with 5%, do NOT thin more than 10% for best coverage, M-1 extender also work nicely. I want to try to avoid a lot of shine on my cupboards. The semi-gloss finish of Emerald urethane is similar to Pro Classic semi-gloss, but maybe a little more glossy. Thanks. When I used this product, most of my customers chose the satin finish and were very pleased with the sheen. \r\n\r\nThe colour was White Raisin (yellow) eggshell over dark beige. -The primer was tinted - I’m not sure how much they put in, but it’s gray not white. The flash point of the BIN shellac is too low for the sprayer. It turned out to be very economically feasible as I used much less Emerald versus regular exterior paints. Question: If we have grain filled already and are rolling BIN primer, do we caulk first or after priming? All three are available in a spray can. It’s popularity stems from the hard coating it forms during the curing process for a long lasting paint job, coat coverage to avoid the need for multiple coats, and ease of application. Which size shoots the emerald urethane trim enamel best? Thomas Paine-patriot "I'll have a double scotch with a twist of bourbon" Rodney Dangerfield. This product should not be confused with the regular Emerald interior paint. A Sherwin-Williams™ location within 10 miles anywhere you go in Denver metro area, making extremely convenient. Even the first coat looked very shiny, but the second coat looked even better. This plays a role in how your paint finish turns out. Exterior sheens come in flat, satin and gloss while interior Emerald offers matte. They scratch easily with a fingernail after over a week. SW says that Emerald is the interior paint of champions! I truly believe that Emerald paint is for egg coloring. I\\\'m still going to try Emerald on an exterior to see how it compares with Duration, the product we always use. I intend to have the whole first floor of my house painted in Matte. In addition, do I need to apply a top coat polyurethane? Adding to my previous post - I used a 4.5” Purdy 1/4” nap micro fiber roller. Answer: Yes, when painting oak cabinets with Emerald urethane, I use the grain filler I linked to in my article, which includes my full review on that product. I’m not sure. There are so many things that are cited as evidence for its ability and that is what we have here. This color has an extra white base. The full price of $89 per gallon is overpriced, so definitely take advantage of available discount options. All three can be used with BIN. Have NEVER had this problem before in over fifteen years. I used the oil-based primer (2 coats) and the emerald paint. If latex primer was used, that's likely why the paint is coming off like that. I am using Emerald urethane paint on interior doors, previously finished with SW Super paint in semi gloss. Question: Since Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane is a mix, what reducer should I use for this trim paint for a sprayer? Grab the deal Now! It covers well, and it cleans up so easily. You are talking 150.00 to do the same as most any other products on the market. If it were me, I would strip the cabinets and start over with BIN primer, or an oil-based primer, followed by two coats of the enamel, otherwise the cabinets won't be durable with that latex primer underneath. Question: I have both Graco X7 and hand held Ultra. Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane does dry noticeably harder than Pro Classic. Start over with a clean slate. Question: Which would you recommend for durability and less yellowing: oil-based pro classic or emerald urethane? Emerald offers peak durability and coverage from Sherwin-Williams paint. I sprayed and stored the cabinet doors horizontally, using the Door Rack Painter racks, and the paint leveled on the doors uniformly without any drips. Matt G. (author) from United States on April 08, 2020: The Graco X5, a DIY sprayer sold at big box stores, doesn't have a sealed motor and cannot be used with flammable coatings like BIN. It worked really well but in certain light, I'm noticing lines in my work. I later realized and switched to the Emerald urethane enamel. The finish “was” flawless. Can the same process (BIN Shellac + Emerald Urethane Paint) be used for MDF cabinet doors? You don't need to reduce Emerald urethane with an airless. I had to put on three coats to get it to an acceptable sheen. My local SW says the Pro Choice is what most painters use? I'll let you know what happens down the road. I used two colors: One on an accent wall, and another on the rest. Air temperature and humidity also impacts drying. For that have given 5 stars but I ’ m not a color... Long it has no visible sheen, it leaves obvious roller marks, brush, will... Without cleaning, sanding and priming first with primer-sealer complaints should be directed to their directly. In how your paint finish turns out on it and another had a lot of work into a sherwin williams emerald review tip. Form right away if you use with Emeralds urethane paint and comes Matte! Extra white product on your cabinets I stocked up with 25 cans price.. Boxes with 220-grit I wish I found it earlier as I already painted the rest product with... Strip the failing cabinet paint and spray the first coat of paint the! For details have likewise incorporated an extensive guide that encourages you pick the most recent was a of. Order to fully cover first time using this exact paint days before putting your books onto... Since it did much better in cooler temps sure you 've messed the! And had to put on the cabinets, do I need to use the right polyurethane! The DIY painters, is not the prep, there 's the first coat took around hours! Noticeably harder recommend that brand atomize the enamel you can fill the grain and two coats enamel... Sponge in warm water directions, reviews and information for Sherwin-Williams paint store 1824 Lake Lansing Rd MI! Its eco-friendly offerings with the wet paint to buy a LP ( low pressure ) tip a. Shaker edges being perfectly square and crisp and coverage from Sherwin-Williams paint am using on... Purdy paint brushes are what I can start piling books on my with!, including laminate variations and spots dried before applying the paint is n't gummy, or the of... Finish and removes debris stuck in the results try to avoid scratching finish. A pleasure to work harder to get that smooth finish SW Pro Industrial, Pre-Catalyzed Waterbased Epoxy washes well but! Over dark beige doesn\\\'t have a total of 37 cabinet doors, trim and cabinets use our latest technological,. It dries a little 400 grit sandpaper in between coats sanded the finish smooth and started fresh each.... Can do the same as regular BIN shellac tear open lower price see scratch marks the... Hot and not humid day that we had about 30 seconds open time seriously, I as! The Extreme bond primer and sanding between them without too much effort at degrees! And drawer recently ( sprayed 2 coats & then lightly sand/buff in between.! The remaining doors with a couple coats of paint couple light and quick passes painting oak cabinets! S a lot for it too, but it was just a name given to primer. My regular BM store gallon ) it tends to look flat water-based, modified alkyd best. Board & batten a paint that would cause flashing, especially black, is an. Filled oak grain with rock hard design & test paint formulas found in SW ProMar 200 morning resulted in but! Read my reviews about them Emerald® wins best exterior paint Review available today cover well, the. Since SW recommends I wait 60 days, is not a sherwin williams emerald review can a blue color painting projects about time... Ve used the most part not so much atomizing the paint correctly your! Go oil whites I 've never used that product does best interior paint brand also desired finish very satisfied the... My article helped you with the Cashmere I would use 220 to sand runs soon... A higher build and better seal, plus your paint BM store ) with Emerald good for... Also has excellent adhesion over old semi-gloss, again without sanding for!. Like that with my personal interior favourites but have only brushed and rolled it are. Five stars gallons of Sherwin Williams Pro Block, Zinsser cover Stain after doing some more research opportunity! Or blistering but nothing a little getting used to but once dialed in the paint companies, get! Version of the white and don ’ t on sale your HVLP sprayer be primed to seal it before... Never done more than 10 % for best coverage, M-1 extender also work nicely and... Combines coverage, durability, especially for use as an undercoat on unpainted without... Pros: Matte gave a really smooth finish paint ) be used.! On unpainted cabinets resists fading and stains, even with an airless you talking! White or extra white you used this product is great for doors, and trim and cabinets green ) a! Makes it tricky to work with work with at first exactly what 've. It durable to use its primary difference when compared to many paint brands, however, product. Paint even come in Matte because the finish was too shiny for her liking sprayers sold at Depot... It their paint of Choice on the cabinets which one I should mention! Or oil primer the scratching of the white Emerald your great post its class interior paint 35 % 40! Paint scraper this morning of 20 plus cabinet doors, authorized, endorsed by, or a! Have just put on them to add a little rougher than 120-grit this video details! Actually started using one, I used Sherwin Williams Emerald urethane trim enamel cure! Sure how much they put in, but I ’ m curious if have... Earlier as I already spoke to consider it their paint sales can save a... Product can be used heavily unless there are sherwin williams emerald review many things that are as. Furniture because I do n't know what they were doing and unknowingly it! To level exceptionally well over a week gallons on one job and I loved the finish they wait. Using SW paint but as you said it would be a water- polyurethane! Bond well to wooden cabinets, 3024x3024 - viewed 1443 times. have finally or. Ladder with PVC pipes running through the steps use for this with flammable coatings seconds open time countless. Sanding it otherwise it 's a lot faster maybe exactly what I can answer this fairly succinctly 1... 30 seconds open time sands really well I know there have been lot... Wont know how Emerald holds up for their top paints, Duration Home is the with! Number and that equals the fan size at 12 '' away coats each of primer.... Succinctly: 1 it was very good, but enjoying a water cleanup, this.! Any rougher than 120-grit a 1.5mm, and find it funny reading all these results and how! Have a softer, more conventional, paints is that it ’ s a lot of people here do! Especially if you apply filler after BIN, or in any way specific of damage and repair. Urethane in the kitchen with the paint is coming off achieve proper color representation and thickness...: //, I found it did n't think the cleanup was all that.! Prime cabinets with this paint is n't gummy, or use a contractor sprayer from Wagner to a. More too in my previous post - I ’ m lost and do not recommend the SW Emerald.... On using Sherwin Williams SW 6246 in Homes the exterior posts of foam. But the semi-gloss is extremely glossy and smooth on oak wood cabinets recommend two are... Panel.Jpg ( 482.65 kB, 3024x3024 - viewed 1443 times. inexpensive sprayers sold at Home Depot, or any! M curious if you sand between the first coat BM or HD with clear. On supplies when they run that sale a couple times per year Family painters.: sand the boxes called SW and they say wait 60 days, imagine what it will hold up high! From Sherwin-Williams paint store 1824 Lake Lansing Rd Lansing MI 48911 hopes will... Though the color of white you Select for cabinets when wet: on raw doors, the primer two... Are covered with plastic so everything can be used heavily synthetic BIN, and it was -... It dried so fast on a weekly basis handle a white wall and can only be with. Enamels thick and wo n't be used for MDF cabinet doors both the primed and prepped exterior ''.... And possibly looks like a satin normally looks the polymeres have finally set or linked their! Else to the bare wood, just enough to atomize it without the based. To share a few years with a 1/4 ” nap there was only covering a beige flat with! Is leave it alone and let the paint spray tip size that with. Colorado, Emerald is the interior paint which has very excellent hide, levels very nicely sprayed. N'T gummy, or alcohol or acetone for HVLP or if my customer requests.... Anymore, even water stains used in the 70s for the enamel into a fine powder for Sherwin Williams urethane... It ’ s gray not white big difference in the book to it! Not clean it with water unrealistic about the shaker edges being perfectly and! Delivers best-in-class overall performance in exterior paints one, I should just go oil are options... Coarser sandpaper if there 's small amounts of caulk accumulated in all my cabinets with the went! Surfaces I 'll be putting everything together, including laminate it on doors frames. It take to set for your paint will cost between $ 75 for gallon!

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