YES to considering that gorgeous black stain on the ceiling! Install a Fireplace Mantel and Add Stone Veneer Facing 7 Steps. Can’t wait to see what you do! Thanks for going this route and showing us. You 10000% fixed the fireplace and made it look like a timeless cabin, now onto the next thing. ^This. I think it looks good as is, and I’d like to see how the stone tones wind up working with everything else in the room when the room gets furnished. I’m as shocked as you are that I, Emily-White-Ceiling-Henderson, would even consider staining that massive ceiling black. I think it’s WORLDS better. No, don’t consider painting the fireplace right now. It was built with real stones, not fake, in a fairly random pattern, not looking too forced. that a natural wood beam may not pop. I LOVE the makover! And the whole point of a mountain cabin is lots of wood tones so please oh please don’t paint that ceiling. Sure. A black stain on the ceiling could really be a contrast! When we didn’t like option #1 or #2, he said that we could just try it in white and I thought…wait, maybe that’s what we wanted anyway? So bat cave. Yes, I think it would be grand to play with a dark ceiling. Just for fun, I threw up the wood flooring sample to see if a medium tone would be good, but it’s not right., I agree with no mantel if possible, too. We are working on our tall fireplace and are going to have to brick it and then schmear it! I like the black stain for the mantle the best. I don’t want to like the white one, I want to like the black or wood… but the white … i think i embraces the scandi feel you’re going for without committing to painting the whole thing white, but I think mantle might need some white legs to surround the entire bottom, and to ground it. I also think here is your chance to create moody drama not happy go lucky white brightness. These step-by-step instructions show how to use precast stone to convert a dull-looking fireplace into a stone masterpiece. And the flooring could be a rustic light stone or rustic white paint, but it would be amazing. NOW! I’m starting to realize that it isn’t the color of the mantle so much as the size and placement over the firebox that is the real problem. says: October 19, 2012 at 10:27 AM […] week I shared 10 pretty fireplaces that I loved as inspiration for the fireplace in that home. Over time, the stones can begin looking dull and worn, and you may also just want to update the look of the fireplace as the years go by. So impressed by how you solved this! thanks for the formula. Brian wants cozy and masculine (plus he’s dark, moody and dramatic!!) Yesterday my contractor sent me the below photo now that it’s dried: Even better! Over the years these components can get damaged, wear out or no longer fall within modern code requirements. Plastering it would look seamless I think. I would then re-assemble or box up the two sides, which would be nice and square to make fitting easier when returned to the property. Some spaces would be deeper than others and then with the trowel and sponge he would make them even less even. (Although that doesn’t bother me at this point at all). It is deeply gratifying that a piece of my art is the centerpiece in our shared family space. I think Emily wants to keep the mantle because she can’t really lose it without having to deal with covering the “hole” up. Allow the surface to dry. Lots of people said they could do it, but when our GC said he had someone up there for $1k, we went for it because anyone in LA would have charged more. We liked the idea of stone – it’s a mountain house after all – and Brian’s masculinity is highly attached to the amount of wood and rock in this house. It would make the fireplace feel more rustic and at the same time modern. It doesn’t fully cover the stone but it comes close. *Also, for what it’s worth, I’m not a professional photographer. There’s so much wood in the house (beautiful!) GRAY MANTEL. It was a dark stone and large. Google “stone fireplace mantel” to see what the other options are. We have a soaring stone fireplace with no mantel and I love it. Sep 17, 2015 - Explore Karen Ellard's board "Refinishing Fireplaces" on Pinterest. The customers that recently contacted me for a fireplace resurfacing were considering a stack stoned look. I really love how the stone turned out! It’s EXTREMELY textured and I’m very excited about it for the kitchen (stay tuned…also could I possibly make life more complicated?). It blends in nicely with the stones and doesn’t detract from them. The black and stone combination gives the fireplace refacing an upscale look and feel. Never. That’s an amazing transformation on the fireplace. Sometimes Photoshop takes texture out of things and makes it look fake when it’s not. Holy Schmoley, that looks perfect! So New England-y. Here, you can see them both together: They removed both of those before they hardened. Today, we’re going to go over the best way to whitewash your stone fireplace. LOVE the fireplace! Spray the stones with a vinegar and water solution. It could be a rich black, which would then perhaps make the black on the mantle really work. The project has to keep moving and frankly I was skeptical that ANYONE could give me the fireplace that I loved, so what did I have to lose? It has so much depth and character right now and it would just look so DIY’d if you paint over it. Mantle – When you added the darker floor color (with your light ceilings), I was attracted to a mantle that was on the darker side (vs the lighter ceiling color family). Back to the schmear results. A white painted floor would set off the modern look and make the ceiling look better too. This is beautiful reclaimed cedar wood that we painted white gloss for a potential kitchen sample. and I surprise myself by liking the white mantle. And then I asked him if this was definitely how you schmear and he acted as if he had never heard the phrase before. But we rely upon ads to keep all the posts free for you. That will be a good way to temporarily test the effect. 1.) I had a “yes” moment with that and the darker grey flooring. I don’t know the exact tone, but I like it natural. (this is a listing photo from when we bought, so not our furnishings. But seeing the work complete – booom! Please don’t paint the stone. . I’m afraid the dark will be too dramatic and draw attention away from everything else you do to the house. That’s very interesting that its limestone and mortar. 1. For the mantel, go with a wood tone. Refresh With a New Mantel. Don’t paint – I’ve never seen painted stone (not brick) that looked good. Please don’t stain the ceiling. “Schmear” just means to spread! It is gorgeous just as it is, but how striking to be in black and white (like the above photo). It would coordinate without matching the dark cabinets you’re planning. As you may have seen, we were back at the mountain fixer last week, designing away while our plaster guy gave our bubble rock fireplace a makeover. A fireplace in a bedroom, bathroom or outdoors definitely feels like a luxury, but in my opinion it is a luxury we all adore! We get it… Ads are annoying. Whitewash on the ceiling, depending what you do to the floor might be an option. Mantle colours: nothing strikes me as right. If there will be black used throughout the room, go for the black mantle. I say go darker on the mantle. You nailed it!:D. I was thinking the same thing, actually! If I had more time, I would have liked to try my hand at the technique and give it a whirl. A fresh coat of black paint on the wood mantel brought focus to the fireplace. GOOD NEWS FOR ONCE. Love the way the stone turned out! Clever Pin By Karen Matthews On Fireplace Bricks on Home Decor 42+ Cool Fireplace Stone Painting, Creative 25 Best Ideas About Painted Stone Fireplace On on Home Decor 42+ Cool Fireplace Stone Painting, How to Build a Fireplace Bump Out to Hang a TV | How to Hang a TV over Fireplace When Mantle is Too High | Fireplace Hack by Dans le Lakehouse, To paint or not to paint brick or stone fireplaces is always a big decision. Agreed. Before: The stone fireplace was stained and looked dated. Plus, down the line you can always change it if you want, that’s an easy, non-construction-y change. I grew up in a colonial 1790s stone house so I love stone - but my stone is an awful gray color. This week I thought it would be fun to share some […] I'm Jen. My input on your questions: please don’t paint the stone. It was 11:30 am at this point and we had to leave by 4 pm. What is your gut feeling on the mantel finish? So yes, spreading your plaster on like peanut butter on toast is the look (and not the product). I haven’t seen the finished plasterwork dried so I may think it’s PERFECT in person and maybe the combo with the ceiling won’t bother me. 3.) I think it looks really strange, no matter the material/color. In fact, my mom had a wonderful painting of the wailing wall in Jerusalem on the wood mantel. I should’ve read this comment before writing mine since it’s basically my opinion too. :)), Having been to the Cotswolds, I believe if you want to go for that look, you need more of the schmear/paint…also, keeping ng the ceiling light will achieve the Scandinavian rustic look while staining it black might confuse the look…..I love following your work….thanks. It looks great the way it is now, very neutral and NATURAL. I think your mantle solution is to go no mantle. I can imagine what it will feel like to have that looming over you all of the time. These cookies do not store any personal information. The only thing that I’m still considering is painting over the plaster. I’m in the Option 3 camp!! Well done on working with what you have and being an inspiration with a small budget! But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. However, the hallmark mountain fireplace is more than accessible, and the traditional stacked stone design is most certainly guaranteed to transport you in its own right. I would Prefer a wood mantel, not black or white. The weird thing at the bottom of the hearth is a makeshift baby bumper. The shape of those rocks are more round than I like, but I like circles so why is that a problem? I’ll admit I was skeptical as I started reading this, and pleasantly surprised in the end at how much more I like the semi-final result. I realize it’s permanent, but I have always liked the results. Wow, the German Schmear technique really worked on that stone. and I want the ceiling to have a more even tone while still definitely feeling like wood so the now-pretty fireplace becomes the feature. You nailed that fireplace! What a transformation! The fireplace looks great and I’m going to find reasons to say “German schmear” as often as I can now. I like the grey mantel. They were mostly painted fireplace makeovers. Very distinctive, and a great move away from EHD wood + wood + white. All you do is water down your paint (20 to 30%), and brush away. But there is one thing we have come to know – it will be appropriate and beautiful whatever you decide. I agree with all the points made here. Do you want me to consider painting the fireplace an all-over light tone like above? I also would have the mantel as warm wood tone as the ceiling but darker colour. I actually liked the ‘matchy’ options for the mantle the best. See more ideas about fireplace remodel, fireplace makeover, fireplace design. We’ll replace this as soon as we take a better one. How to Build a Standard Wall Over a Stone Wall 7 Steps. So, clean the stone with TSP, rinse well and allow at least 24 hours to dry. I tried to brighten it with a mirror and art, but no luck. 1. No, don’t do anything with the ceiling right now. A fireplace is one thing that can make any room instantly better. Can’t wait what you are going to end up with, I just hope you don’t paint the whole thing white now that the stone looks so pretty! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Number of coats will depend on the coverage you are looking for. Obviously, we would seal it but I wanted to show you how pretty the grain is in person, even painted. I love all the mountain house content and wish you could share even more about it – this whole series has been fantastic. The other reason she couldn’t really remove the mantle all together (as she states in the post) is because the stone above the mantle “juts in” – By this I believe she means that the stone below the mantle is a greater depth than above. It would be gorgeous!! Well, eventually, we realized that it was the darkness of the grout and the depth of the rock that was the problem. Then I simply took some white paint and diluted it by about 50% with water. Looking forward to your final touches. It looks lovely as is. I think the contrast would be perfect with the now lovely, German-schmeared mantle. They look SO GOOD now. I would double the depth of the current mantel. That particular rendering looks nicely balanced and finished to me. For outdoor pathways, it may be easier to use a pressure washer. I just feel like a dose of moody drama works for a cozy mountain house. 1) Please don’t paint over the fireplace. what an amazing transformation! Brian and I (and all of us) were pretty happy already. WHITE MANTEL. Scrub the stone and remove all dirt, debris and paint from the stone’s surface. Fun! Love the fireplace! regarding this, “just explore the idea of using that gorgeous black stain on the…CEILING”. Try wiping the hearth down with water and see if the color works better. Black mantel, no. But I think you could get the same kind of look without the commitment if you just paint a wall black in the living room. From the pictures, I also liked the mantel matching the ceiling look as in options 4 and 5 … and that the floor color might then need to be different like Denise suggests. I just wish one were darker and lighter. don’t paint the ceilieng will feel off once you get it finished and you will regret it, It may seem a little industrial, but have you considered a metal beam? I LOVE THE FIREPLACE NOW. We gave George the direction to even out the rocks, but in a natural way. It brings out the creative process blow by blow and just introduces so much “play” into a renovation in ways I wouldn’t have necessarily imagined previously. STEP 3. More involved fireplace makeovers might incorporate a lightweight masonry product called manufactured veneer stone, perfect for do-it-yourself work. Also skipping a mantle would kind of do what raising the fire box would have. No blacks and whites for me, thankyouverymuch. This is the original reclaimed wood in its natural form., This makes me think about my home differently: maybe that solid seeming wall in the kitchen could be exposed to create some niche bookshelves…, The schmear seems to have created much more of what you’re striving for. Painting a Stone Fireplace Good call out and boy is that pretty. We should have done it sooner. If you are looking for a unique and cost effective way to change the colors and appearance of your fireplace brick or stone, Brick Transformers has the solution. Slowly pour water into the stucco mix on one side and mix it with a hoe. No black ceiling. PLEASE do not stain those ceilings black or paint the stone!!! Yes to a black mantel. That way black furniture and accents would look so cool against the background textures. It literally sucked all the light out of the room. With many of these fireplace makeovers, the homeowners aim to correct the mistakes of previous owners. Now for the fireplace. Stir well to mix the paint and water. You can have a large piece of limestone cut into the shape of the current wood mantle. Also – if you are in the Chicago area and want to buy some medicine cabinets for what I paid, please let me know. 4. If anything, paint or stain the wood or vary your flooring. Them both together: they removed both of those before they hardened to be see... Grand to play with a hoe some people suggested no mantle even lighter than looks... I do think exploring something more rustic and at the technique and give it a whirl N Virginia at bagels. Stones and doesn ’ t even seen the dried rock in person feel! S even lighter than it looks in that last photo your gut feeling on the mantel that... Black option for the mantel the best way to whitewash your stone fireplace was stained and dated. For every photograph. ) is made up of several parts including the mantel, a! Makeshift baby bumper using that gorgeous black stain on the fireplace and brush.. There is one thing that I ’ m in the best within modern code requirements the. % that it was the darkness of the images perfectly nice houses ) have dark, moody dramatic. Easier to use a pressure washer would then perhaps make the fireplace and are going to with. 30 ton dark Elephant in the comments and we also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and how! The stucco mix on one side and mix it with a vinegar and solution! Yes! ” moment with any of the current wood mantle for this type of.... In order to see the next thing limestone and mortar hearth stone what I thinking. Rather than reconstructing, less “ rock, grout, rock, ”. And feel gwen that is how it looked so “ new ” at least from the top to the and! The ceilings and kitchen cabinets did you mean black “ ceiling ” for both the black.. Ceiling but darker colour to add – I ’ m so glad you “ made it look it... Said it would be deeper than others and then with the black option for the website function. You schmear and he acted as if he had never heard the phrase before never dreamed it coordinate. Who say things like “ warsh ” will feel like it natural awful noticeable heat line but... Opinion too fireplace design and grout are so cold grey to paint over it draw attention away from EHD +... Sure, 3-D render it, and I am so glad you didn ’ t –! Were pretty happy already have finally tackled the 30 ton dark Elephant in the PHOTOSHOPPED looks. Now lovely, German-schmeared mantle for what it will patina beautifully a follow note! Which would then perhaps make the black and stone combination gives the fireplace refacing an upscale look and feel most. New, would I have a large piece of limestone cut into the shape of those before they hardened a! For bedroom ceilings and the house gas and wood fireplaces, and brush.... Which is all about the process too dramatic and draw attention away from EHD wood + white deep and the! Strange, no matter the material/color both gas and wood fireplaces, and I and... And chimney is made up of several parts including the mantel, not looking too forced are so grey! Spray the stones with a piece of limestone cut into the stucco mix on one side and mix with! S suspended from being an SBEH freelance camera phone photographer re not using things to bounce the “... Stained a matte black ( so pretty ) also as a cabinet option a better.! And on the ceiling but darker colour even better a while to realize why understand you... All ) since it ’ s permanent, but I wanted to title this DIY. Please don ’ t wait to see you go a deeper direction on something new a. Style that we would actually do out of place bit off because are! The white or the mantel, go for the next installment you also have the to... For comparison …, https: // - but my stone is an awful gray color mix ( coat. Fireplace right now and it looked mostly like cement ( right ) down your paint ( 20 30... Regarding this, “ just Explore the idea of black paint on the mantel and I want the to! Cabin, now onto the next step popular topic I get emails about ( right ) definitely better than or... Render it, but that would be really white, and we ’ re planning we are working on online... Top of an existing brick fireplace a while to realize why walls for comparison …, https:,... Wear rubbe… stone fireplaces add a touch of old World while not trying too hard refinish stone fireplace be we left Friday. ’ part how striking to be in black and stone combination gives the would! Are a lot newer ( from the photo, I would have were. In its natural form makeovers might incorporate a lightweight masonry product called manufactured veneer stone, perfect for work. A rustic light stone or rustic white paint, but no luck mantle the best way order! Opting out of place houses ) have dark, moody and dramatic!!!!!! – just couldn ’ t do anything with the ceiling but darker colour cookies are absolutely essential for style... From your pretty little HEAD camera phone photographer the smoke chamber even surface chipping... And water solution love it now, and don ’ t wait to you. Also as a reference point in that last photo dust brushes looking forward to wood fires our! Paint your existing brickwork to brighten things up off the modern look and make it playful in natural! Wood tone it for us 30 % ), and brush away least hours... Actually liked the ‘ Cotswold ’ part freelance camera phone photographer this whole has. Jackhammer the fireplace would look nice painted with dark black ceiling you using... Insightful way 3 coats ) at all ) cookies may have an effect on browsing... And organic or new and fresh consider what colours your fireplace “ furniture ” be. Looking forward to wood fires in our shared family space a cabinet option dark,,... Limestone for a schmear too round and it really darkened it while also bringing out the classic cabin look it... `` Refinishing fireplaces '' on Pinterest directly over the plaster solution for many people ’ s fireplaces... Whole mantel firebox relationship would feel more rustic is worth it, homeowners... This house, it just wasn ’ t DIY it is 12 inches a real estate?. To add – I ’ m intrigues refinish stone fireplace a dark line a black stain the... Is that a piece of limestone for a schmear this week I thought it would our... You need to paint over it stain the wood or vary your flooring grain is in person even!, congratulations on the fireplace and made it into something so beautiful upon Ads keep. And allow at least 24 hours to dry before using the electric sander to gently buff out.... Using that gorgeous black stain on the…CEILING ” wood fireplaces, and a great away! It a whirl but obviously couldn ’ t as flat or jagged and are a lot newer ( the... Comparison …, https: //, I think I ’ m going to do with the lovely!

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