I'm now in debt to the tune of 16k. Learn by doing. Thank you for sharing your personal experience here. The Pros: - A solid foundational curriculum that teaches best practices such as TDD and pair programming. - Everyone is pretty optimistic and excited to be there. This is minor though and overall I was very impressed with the content. As big believers in self-directed learning, students finish the course as a confident and independent software engineer ready to hit the ground running. I'd wager that all the positive reviews are coming from the younger "kids" of 20 or so, with little life experience, who have been fortunate enough to have been funded through this shambles of a system by their parents. Before joining, I had a lot of "soft skills" that were absolutely marketable, but didn't quite have the more tangible skills to do the things I wanted to do. They are of high quality and really understand what you as a Bootcamp student can offer and also know what they need to invest in you. At first, I thought all this focus on wellbeing is really nice and important to me but is it actually going to help me get a job. They make money through the recruitment service they provide, placing students with companies. improved / updated . It's not a quick fix by all means and it is not easy, but if you are willing to put in the hours and completely dedicate the next 4+ months of your life to the cause, look no further - Makers is the place for you! I’ve sent this to you via email, but I’m also sharing this here publicly as I think it’s important we’re transparent in answering your questions. Mobile Makers Academy reviews No reviews yet. But you need to be pro-active and seek their support. Note: I'm the COO at Makers Academy and I’ve built the Careers service at Makers Academy since day 1. We do offer a female discount indeed, as part of our effort to make the industry more inclusive and diverse. We include their full names and the companies they join in every newsletter we send. You might think, well don't be too hasty because it is actually a monumental nightmare. There are people who were in the first cohort of 40 below me that still haven't got jobs!! It was incredibly frustrating to try to get help from some, while others were very supportive. Be the first to ask one: Ask your question. The student fees go towards keeping the business afloat, that means paying wages, rent, marketing etc. As such, the quality has significantly plummeted. This makes learning much more fun, and also forces you to work on your communication skills. I'm a graduate of Makers Academy (graduated May 2014) and a historian turned software developer. A successful graduate will come out of the bootcamp feeling they are able to learn any programming language/framework and have the tools to debug any error in their code. We’re therefore highly incentivised to place our devs in really good jobs. Makers Academy has forged the importance of coding for the many and not the few - the few being the middle-aged Western man. Live workshops, detailed courses, handy workbooks, and online events! Completing a bootcamp gives no indication of your ability as a programmer so you will likely still need to build your own personal portfolio to showcase your development as well as prove your ability in interview. - Great guidance and support during and after the course. Again this is not Makers fault, as they cannot dictate market demand, however lying to their students should really be looked into. Suggest edits. Thanks for sharing your name with us. I’m going to address some of the points you raised below. When I asked the recruiter what had happened, she told me that she had simply "forgot". Code Quality: Makers has a large focus on writing code that is readable and can be changed easily. I've just graduated Makers, and have already had my first interview for a position with a company that I'm absolutely thrilled about. I met some amazing people and built lasting relationships with cohort members to take with me into industry.After the course ended I was amazed by the partnerships team who provided excellent feedback in regards to my applications. Why do you only give the discount to women and not minorities? My team is incredibly supportive of … People were and continue to get jobs on their own. But I experienced myself receiving interest from one of the employers, and when they asked to see my CV, the Makers recruiter forgot to send it to them, and they ended up hiring someone from somewhere else. We’re still working on it. Makers curriculum involves you to "pair up" with other students throughout the entirety of the course, although the partner is changed everyday, this is done to replicate some of the working environments that are successfully utilised out in the industry. Bootcamp grads love to talk. I have grown so much not just as a coder since completing the course but also as a person and have made friends for life which is worth it's weight in gold. I would also wager that a lot of these reviews are from Makers' marketing team (which comprises of more people than their recruitment team!!! Back when you took the course, and 2 years before that, when we were even smaller, many many devs got life changing jobs thanks to Makers. Makers Academy Reviews. The real reason they were offering the discount became clear once I had been there a few weeks. A makers mantra is they teach you how to learn. Business Maker Academy offers crash courses for business. You had two people working in the careers team when I was a student, and now you have 11?". While some students do accept positions on around £23K, most are around £30K mark, or slightly higher (sometimes going to £40K or more if they have previous relevant experience). We've kept investing on this part of the business and this is why we’re able to proudly increase the numbers of people who get jobs every month and share them publicly in our newsletters. When I signed up to Makers, I was told during meet ups before hand and during interviews that the cohort sizes were generally around the 20 mark. I'm sure that you wouldn't understand my struggle, as you take 4-5 times my yearly salary out of Makers each year in dividends, yet don't really appear to be contributing that much as an individual to ensuring that we all get well paid jobs. Cons: - Some may find it challenging to guide your own learning. You were not allowed to choose your partner at any time, and it just so happens that a lot of the time was spent with these keyboard happy lunatics who didn't want to slow down to allow the lesser abled individuals to digest what was going on. We weren't perfect when you took the course. Coaches and your fellow students are supportive. ABOUT. Liz Eggleston 10/22/2020. I won't remain anonymous - I was one of the 39 students that made up the May 2016 cohort, and quite frankly I think it's an absolute joke that you had 2 people on the careers team, yet found it acceptable to take on 39 students (and you obviously realise this is unacceptable, as you now have 11!!!). - A focus on soft skills such as effective communication within teams, self-regulation, and problem-solving. Makers Academy's average rating is 4.72 out of 5.0 based on 305 review(s). - The remote learning does work but is not perfect. davestokes Mar 12, 2014 at 03:13 UTC. It also seemed to have somewhat of a demoralising effect on many of the women who were being aggressively head hunted by the companies before the course even finished, they seemed to be in agreement that they wanted to be hired on their abilities, not just because they were needed to fill arbitrary quotas. I don't believe that any of the reviews of Makers Academy are fake, but I would be willing to bet that a lot of students with negative things to say either haven't made their voices heard, or their reviews have been deleted, as I've heard too many horror stories now. This fell on deaf ears however. This is vital to building first-hand experience of collaboration (and people skills) within this field. You are also encouraged to work together with your cohort to learn. It's not a quick fix by all means and it is not easy, but if you are willing to put in the hours and completely dedicate the next 4+ months of your life to the cause, look no further - Makers is the place for you! Simply put, for this reason, we felt it was the highest priority for us to contribute towards.

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