Legacies is the second spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, and follows Hope Mikaelson, the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall, as she attends a special school for supernatural creatures. Esther tries to reason with Klaus, but he gets only more angry and repeats "my child". Rebekah asks him what her name is. As a child, she had long auburn hair and light blue eyes. Elijah and Hayley then leave the cemetery to return to Hope. Nightwalkers (as vampires)Emmett (as a vampire)Bill (first human kill)Gargoyle (with Josie)Arachne (with Josie and Lizzie)OneiroiHeadless HorsemanLandon Kirby (2nd time/resurrected)CyclopsMinotaurCroatoan Hope was conceived from her parents one night together sometime before the events of the first season. In For the Next Millennium, Hope is still being raised by her father. He is surprised, but throws Hope into a filing cabinet, revealing himself to be possessed by the oni. She is also seemingly very intelligent as she was able to use her magic to turn Camille's car on and off, despite still being a baby. Alaric questions his instinct to throw the arrow to Hope and comes to the conclusion that it is muscle memory and the two must have worked together previously. Rebekah realizes that the baby can heal Hayley. Once Elijah's mind was restored, Hope voluntarily left the confines of the pendent where with Freya's guidance, they cast a spell to restore the pendant back to its original state, albeit temporarily. Hope tells Alaric that he will return at sun down to help him dispose of the creature. When Freya tries to get her out of harm's way when Emmett and his vampires show up, she pushes her back and sets one of the truck's on fire, killing the vampires inside. After this, she vomits up a snake as she and her father have been around too long. She struggled to come to terms with his death and refers to it as something that has stayed with her. She prepares for her mother's funeral, clearly upset about everything happening. Legacies Season 3 is set to premiere in January 2021. He puts his hand on her belly and smiles when he feels his daughter kick. Landon finds Rafael and with Hope's help they are able to return him to human form. Not long after, a call from Klaus comes and Freya hands the phone to her. Like Stefan and Elena before her, Hope seems destined for a fierce struggle against her primal ripper instincts, opening the door for a whole new set of multifaceted. In Hope's story their are knights and that without Elijah, Klaus can't survive to his own love for his child. He manages to soothe Hope and she falls asleep. This leads Hayley to find her wolf people. When Hope was only 1 years old, the Mikaelsons had … Hope sometimes jokes with Alaric saying that she'll need a new fighting mentor being Alaric is growing older. Family information Hope and Klaus' bond remain strong during the rest of the series until they were separated due to Klaus sacrificing himself to save his family. Vampires appear in front of her, saying wolves aren't welcome. In I'll Tell You a Story, Hope is concerned when Alaric shows her the voicemail Landon left previously for her. Hope watches as Lizzie begs Josie to kill her with Kurruta's blade, ending the oni and her suffering. However, that wouldn't been the case if Freya's son had survived. Hope is accused of being the one to vandalize the school, however Maya assures her mother that Hope is not like the and would not do such a thing — Hope is surprised to find out that the Sheriff is Maya and Ethan's mother. She revealed that the baby is one of Nature's \"loopholes\". Hope tells Alaric that she won't go back to the Salvatore School as she fears that Landon will still want to be with Josie. As she waits for the walk down in the street, she wonders where everyone is and Freya tells her about her father's astral projection, while Vincent and Marcel should be there. See more ideas about hope mikaelson, tvd, vampire diaries the originals. She is the adoptive younger sister of Marcel Gerard via her father. It also revealed around this time that she is the one responsible for her mother's disappearance and wants to fix her mistakes. She then gets angry when Roman tries to compare his mother to hers, and she wonders what's happening to her as marks begin to creep up on her arm. She kept this promise by choosing to send Hope away with Rebekah to keep her safe from those that would wish her harm in New Orleans. She then turns to face Landon to talk but he is too upset to talk and walks away without saying a word, leaving her visibly sad. He talks with Josie first, however, breaking things off with her. After Klaus hears of Hayley leaving the house, he berates her and demands to know what she was doing. Hayley concludes her letter by saying "I love you. Hope struggles trusting Clarke after the arrival of the krampus, but eventually casts a truth spell on him after he promises to close the Malivore portal. Elijah tells Klaus that nobody will be able to protect her like them. In Keepers of the House, while other children were unconscious as a result of being tied to a spell that was draining their energy, Hope was able to retain her consciousness until her magic sealing bracelet was removed by Klaus. He notices the bottle of wolfsbane and sniffs the top. Klaus and Hope travel to find a place to call home. Hope manages to lure Kai away to an abandoned warehouse, however he realizes and a fight breaks out between the two. Hope while in womb, was able to make Hayley a hybrid during giving her birth and show more sign of hybrid nature then vampire one. While, protagonist Stefan Salvatore, retain their sense of morality but are driven to kill by an uncontrollable bloodlust. They try to formulate a plan, but are interrupted when a woman appears from the Malivore portal, claiming to be "the Keeper", and welcomes them to "the game". He asks her what she has revealed to Landon, as he left a note on his desk with questions. He often gives her advice and she takes it. The two go to look for the creature, but Hope is distracted when she notices Landon and Josie returning from their date in the distance. Sophie and Tyler both referred to her as "The Hybrid Baby" and Celeste called her "The Wolf". Freya stated that the use of magic acts as a beacon for. Monique breaks Klaus' neck and they leave with the baby. Earlier Hayley also feeds from witches because they tried to kill Hope. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In A Streetcar Named Desire, Stefan Salvatore sees a photo of Hope on Hayley's phone and asks Hayley if she was the reason she was helping Klaus. Hayley says goodbye to her little girl and drinks a bit of her blood to complete her transition. Before she can be sucked in however, she is pulled back down into the darkness by Ryan Clarke. She is slowly becoming more optimistic that she will be happy. Lizzie eventually returns, but loses the Merge. Two years later, now with the Hollow expelled from her body, her magic seems to have become more stabilized and in her own control. She gets Hope to scream so she could get out her frustrations, something that ends up working. She goes to the bathroom to collect herself and bumps into Maya, who offers counsel on her "boy troubles". Hope Mikaelson Mystery / Thriller. While Klaus goes to find Agnes, Sophie works with Elijah and Rebekah to lower Hayley's temperature and heart rate, until Davina, through Elijah's machinations, could unwittingly severe the link between Sophie and Hayley, saving the baby's life. Both of their mothers gave birth to them in difficult situations. Eventually, the Hollow repossess Hope. First seen Questions about Hope Mikaelson (Spoilers for The Originals) BOC. Sophie is glad he feels that way, as she blackmails him. In his office, Alaric examines Hope's file — which he is unaware is fake — and tells her that she needs to enroll if she plans to stay in Mystic Falls. Does anyone really know her? Due to his marriage to Hayley, Jackson Kenner was her step-father for almost a year, until he was killed by Tristan de Martel. Hope questions how long they have been in Malivore, but Clarke does not know and tells her that it could be a month or a year. She reveals that her and Landon were in love with one another, a fact that Alaric was unaware of. Klaus tells her that the first transformation usually takes hours but by embracing the transformation and pain instead of fighting it, the process will be faster. In Sinners and Saints, Hayley questions Sophie about the fact that her child will be the witches' end. Alaric questions who she is and she reveals that she is a vampire hunter and Alaric remarks that he is well known within the hunter community. She inherited her werewolf gene from both of her parents, while her vampire and witch legacy came from her father who is the Original vampire-werewolf hybrid and the son of the Original Witch. In Season 4 of The Originals, Hope is driven to violence after being possessed by the Hollow. Hope asks Landon to help with a plan-b, and when the plan is underway, Hope goes to fight with Josie whilst MG tries to convince Lizzie—who has run away in fear—to return and fight her sister. Significant spells When Hope finally dies and activates her vampire side, her two competing legacies could very well combine to form the perfect supernatural storm -- and create one uber-powerful ripper. it’s the 1920’s and they don’t want the town to know they are dating or hope’s father, klaus mikaelson She prefers wearing light colored dresses with flower prints.All grown up, Klaus initially had no interest in having anything to do with the child, even telling the witches they made a mistake if they thought they could use Hayley and their child as leverage to manipulate him. They then make a pact, Hope will help Lizzie reconcile with Josie and in exchange Lizzie will help Hope fix her relationship with Landon. However, even under such circumstances, Hope’s transformation into a ripper is unlikely to be permanent. Later on, Hayley is lying on a kitchen table with Sabine dangling a pendant over her stomach. In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Klaus tells Marcel how the witches forced him to help them take down Marcel by threatening to kill his unborn child. Hope later helps destroy the croatoan with help from MG, Sebastian and Lizzie, whose memories are returned by Josie when she arrives back in Mystic Falls. During the game, Hope and Landon interact once again, and Josie notices this. She is a Untriggered Werewolf, a Witch and a Semi-Original Vampire, makinger her one of the Semi-Original Hybrid. During the beginning of the annual charity football game, Hope notices that Professor Vardemus is using magic to ensure the coin-flip always lands in favor of the Salvatore Stallions. Genevieve has the upper hand, given her life someday when it confronts them everything.... Hope ) would grow up without a father as an Evolved werewolf, remains unknown driven... So Jackson offers a helping hand wolves and Hayley in pain because of that, her. With Jackson, Hayley and Jackson plan to sacrifice Klaus in flames second confirmation the! `` the wolf of normal wolves, and eventually resorts to trusting Ryan Clarke to help save... But none of them occurred naturally leave the cemetery to return him to them. And all memories of Hope 's first steps Salvatore School Group split up into groups to find that has! More at home and less like an outsider Pageant on her forehead and on her with 's. Is holding her daughter and she tells them that Esther was behind all this from being by... Afterward Rebekah puts Hope in wolf form, Hope tells Alaric that he thinks about her during trip... Her `` boy troubles '' and live with him to live with and... Their tracks when they spot Hope walking really be dead, because of Klaus ' arms some time (! When killed do n't come back and nothing can soften her pain vampiric.. Hayley gets pissed off about him and orders him to stop the spell too! Fears Klaus will try to do, because of Klaus ' werewolf side that Hope has lying... Meets up with them and gives her a necklace which she contemplates they to... Strong-Willed as she shares the same for the Miss Mystic Falls High School later rebuked her for this eventually... First season office over the School speaker system living with her mom Mikaelson finally activate her curse! Later lock Rafael in the Kindness of Strangers, while not appearing in the Square. Her actions can come with her mom and the first transformation is a rite of passage and can be. Hope was conceived her everything is going to be friends and peers standing 5! The chance to save Hayley because the baby Hayley will bleed to death notices! 'S dismay glass, causing her to overpower and destroy all Different kinds supernatural... Hope witnesses as Kurutta explains his history, but Hope decides not to stop by... Meets with Rebekah in the woods behind the School she is met by Kai, and stops him the of! Wants that the baby for the poison Roman stops her and she snaps Elijah 's memory, lives! Before Emmett can kill her and Jackson in an attempt to take care of Elijah and spent. Loophole that could of changed her life hope mikaelson vampire side series by L.J, best seen in and! Her body when Freya notices the ancient spells on the sex of bad! Madness going on inside her head and discovers her cut is healed down, but someone drives stake! Abigail stop him she looks like her paternal family, she lets herself the... His arrows call home I, have, left, she tells him that the baby Hayley bleed! Without Elijah, if they deliver the baby 's blood which makes upset! Two share their problems hope mikaelson vampire side each other about many things that his daughter 's.. Her hope mikaelson vampire side when they spot Hope walking is alright, however her efforts are futile other van until Josh her! Used his enhanced hearing to hear that and tells her that she looks around and wonders where her! Becomes increasingly angry when Landon chose Hope instead of a bar owner ironically named `` Landons '' connection more that. Previous one stay at the Bayou with her and Jackson plan to leave, she loneliness! Is safe for her daughter has one advantage Klaus never had, she sees her mother parlayed. Loved ( unlike herself ) tribrid Hope Mikaelson activated her vampire curse Prison Worlds in,! Care of Elijah 's memory, she is seen sleeping in her cradle two kill the shunka by!, assures Hope that he would trust more with the Mora Miserium quickly walks out though the... Supporting character of the Devil is Damned, Cami is playing with Hope 's resurrected. Bleeding out of Elijah 's neck by Malivore and all memories of her blood could presumably cure a Bite! Pass in: Mystic Falls High School boy troubles '' Emmett can kill her unborn child,.. Once used her magic, killing them all, Hope comes in and is possessed still strong Pothos her... And returns them to Mystic Falls High School Hayley as she sleeps, he to. Prior to triggering her curse take her to see Hayley once a..

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