You’ve heard of a wine trail, but have you ever ventured down a coffee trail? They also do a wonderful job educating their customers about where the coffee is from and how it got from its origin point to your cup." Coffee aficionado Mark Yee notes, "My favorite spot for coffee in the Motor City is Anthology Coffee., Heavy Table's Amy Rea shares another recommendation: "In an unassuming strip mall in suburban New Brighton, MN, Limu Coffee offers one of the most unique experiences in the Twin Cities' coffee culture: Its immigrant owner (from Ethiopia) not only brews a delicious cup of coffee, she can arrange a formal Ethiopian coffee ceremony that begins with social time and freshly roasted coffee beans and becomes an event that takes "coffee break" to an entirely new level." Then we run varying roast profiles on the selected coffees, and cup again. De Mello is hands-down my favorite coffee roaster.........anywhere! Between our 50+ roasters across the country, there are so many ways that you can enjoy our coffee roasters' vast selection of coffees IRL. It’s delicious – and very fresh. The main feature an exciting point of this Best Coffee Roaster is the design of the roaster. Total Travel Time: 10 hours, 30 minutes (pit stops not included). Heady smells of roasting coffee float through the air on notes of piped-in smooth jazz. Kit Bernardi of Kit Travels recommends Radina's Coffeehouse. You can purchase individual bags online, but I prefer to visit the large red bricked roastery in Depot Town to buy some Ethiopian Guji beans. As we say goodbye and best wishes to your new future, we must look for someone to fill your shoes. The company buys its coffee from 31 countries. He still roasts his own coffee by hand and is very attuned to where and how his beans are sourced." I was really just starting to explore what drinks I liked and they always took the time to match what I already knew I liked with new drinks to try. Location: Cincinnati, OH. I found out about them when researching Ohio coffee roasters – and hit up a shop that carried them in Sandusky, while I was there for a conference. After a few years of agency life, he joined Trade in 2018 as the Social Manager, and has been unable to look at Starbucks the same way ever since. Northwest: Deadstock Coffee - Portland, OR. "Thou Mayest is a coffee roasting gang of freewheeling renegades looking to shake up the ant farm. Roasting came next, when in 2016 Sparrows introduced its very own specialty line to its welcoming café, which features curated work from community artists. Not that any gets thrown away – this is delicious, small batch roasted coffee with the perfect balance of flavor and you can't help yourself but to joyfully keep drinking. Since it was founded in 2009, Portland, Oregon-based Heart Roasters has focused on bringing uncompromising… This is the only coffee shop I’ve ever been to that sold cigars., Aaron Cruz, of the adventures of el ATL boy, has several great suggestions for us - including one here in Detroit., Mike Norton, a friend who expertly represents Traverse City Tourism, answered my query quickly, noting, "There's a little place in the Village at Grand Traverse Commons (right next door to the Left Foot Charley winery and tasting room) called Higher Grounds -- wonderful coffee and cocoa, and it's all fair trade. Counter Culture., Greg Stivers, roastmaster since 1985. … There is a science to brewing a good cup of coffee – which I had scoffed at, but after comparing three cups of joe brewed three different ways (under-brewed, over-brewed, and one meeting the “Gold Cup Standard”), I have seen the error of my ways." “I love the coffee here. We are excited to bring you beans from farmers across the globe hand roasted by our owners right here in the Midwest. I have found that I'm even MORE interested in my coffee with FDC. "Aromas because the coffee is good but their pastries are divine. At Midwest Roasters, we never compromise the quality and purity of our coffee. The building is the former asylum laundry, but the space at Higher Grounds is very cozy." This is the place for the science lover as much as the coffee lover. Like the beans, all baked goods are made in-house in a small kitchen in the back of the cafe. A limited number of in-house made pastries are available, and patrons rave about them., Caryn Dugan, St. Louis VegGirl, offered up several reasons why she loves Blueprint (and inspired me to want to visit St. One might ask, how a small roaster based in Northern Wisconsin gets its products in some of the best cafes in New York and LA -  by offering some of the most finely crafted single origin roasts around. $27.10 Shop Now. Jan 20, 2018 - "Without my morning coffee I’m just like a dried up piece of roast goat." Many of the farms that produce our coffees participate in various local initiatives or are otherwise involved in programs specifically designed to increase quality of life for the workers while fostering a focus on sustainability. In Kansas City, The Roasterie refuses to leave any leaf unturned in its pursuit of the best coffee available in the world. I loved the plump chocolate éclair and a raisin scone paired with a creamy latte. They only sell beans roasted in the last 2 weeks (preferably within 72 hours). What it lacks in ambiance is easily made up with the quality of the product. For lunch, pick from entree-sized salads and tasty ham, tuna salad, turkey and grilled sandwiches all on Radina's scratch-made breads (lunch selections start at $5). They do not have their own shop - instead they supply many of the coffee places around Lincoln and even throughout Nebraska. Note: Jose Perez Vazquez of the Maya Vinic cooperative in Chiapas joined us for this morning's roast team #cupping., Gretchen Michels Garrison of Odyssey Through Nebraska remarks, "Ah'roma coffee is our very favorite coffee. Kalamazoo has 4 (!!!) They’re doing something right – Matthew McClutchy’s Anodyne has been serving Milwaukee since 1999 with community-building concerts, wood-fired pizza, and of course, the city’s best coffee. Once the order is placed, we send off the 8oz of fresh beans right to your doorstep. Louis!) Each coffee bean is roasted in small batches to uncover the best taste of single origin coffee and specialty blends. Why can’t the Motor City also be the Mocha City? A trip to De Mello should be on every coffee fan's list when visiting Toronto. I imagine if you follow Alton Brown, you’d like this place. Skilled baristas work the counter backed by giant blackboards listing in colorful chalk calligraphy dozens of coffee concoctions, teas and smoothies. You can rent The Roastery at the Hildebrant Building for events, which has seen dinners, dances and weddings. I especially love their Ethiopian Yergacheffe, but I’ve tried just about every coffee they roast, with 100% happiness. No huge tin of ground coffee, but treasured bags of deliciousness, please. Dec 29, 2018 - "Without my morning coffee I’m just like a dried up piece of roast goat." Take a look…and then visit them. Spoken like true coffee roasting pros, Matchstick promises the perfect cuppa Joe with an intimate and honest taste.They take great pride is mastering the art of turning green beans into roasted ones – the flavours reveal they’re doing something very right. ... growers, roasters, baristas, and consumers. You’ll be surrounded by local art, antiques, jewelry for sale in beautiful glass cases, and fellow coffee lovers. Its "Coffee for Others" mantra captures this roaster's guiding people-first principle as it spreads the enjoyment of coffee across Canada and the US. Best Medium-Roast Coffee. The summer road trip looks a little different in 2020, but it is nonetheless an institution that can (and should) be celebrated in the time of social distancing. Go there first, so you'll be caffeinated to wander the market. It's an easy, smooth drink. At first, we used any old coffee., Served at Press, a crisp, clean, and bright coffee shop, Wood Burl is also clean, crisp, and bright. Each shop is different and quirky – we love the Steve statue in the Troy location. For any coffee fan, you will not be disappointed.". Midwest American Coffee Roasting Company Located in Monroe, Michigan ... Frenchtown Roasters imports raw coffee beans from around the world to Monroe, Michigan. As the region is home to a number of our roasters and the unique cities they call home, we're increasingly convinced of its mantra: Midwest is best. 325 Cambie Street. They are well-known state wide for their in-house roasting. My opinion changed when I tasted De Mello's "Butterfly Kiss." It is hard to believe that De Mello's bakery matches the quality and taste of it's coffee. Michigan’s second-largest city is the first stop on our Midwest tour. Now we have become full fledged coffee snobs. Lovely neighborhood spot with an excellent selection of beans This versatile blend tastes equally as fantastic prepared as a pour-over as it does as a shot of espresso or in its famous cold brew. Count me in! The roasters claim to make “relationship coffee,” which is defined as being keenly aware of where the coffee beans are sourced. Time to head to StL. He's a banker who ditched the rat race and decided to open his own business. I could barely stand to take time to take the photo) AND buy cigars, if you so choose. From the Kickapoo Coffee shop in Milwaukee, Mark adds, "Although not quite in the Midwest, I consider Ontario the closest thing due to its proximity to Detroit. When Wonderstate Coffee says it’s farmer focused, it means it., Danielle Schnakenberg of Feather and Wild, says, "When I lived in Monroe, I spent a lot of time working and meeting clients in there. "All Dunn Bros coffee shops in MN roast in house. For a hot cup of arabica coffee, Ohioans have Backroom Coffee Roasters. Anthology Coffee – 1948 Division St. (map it) Anthology Coffee is located in Detroit’s historic … Moreover, many other features are … What do people love about it? Deeper Roots. Some seating is available throughout to take in the market atmosphere." Being a single origin snob, I always have dismissed blends. When I am not making or drinking coffee, I dream of it. They both use convection heating for roasting coffee beans. Their beans are also available online, and shipping to the United States is reasonably priced.". If you live in Kalamazoo, Euphoria will deliver your coffee bean orders for free within 24 hours. Kim Bousquet Reiner of Oh My Omaha shares three coffee roasters in town! Head to their West Bruce Street location in the city’s Walker’s Point neighborhood to enjoy coffee (and, when the time calls, craft beer and wine). Home to a number of culinary traditions (deep dish pizza, anyone?, With four locations in Kalamazoo, Water Street Coffee Company is an easy go-to wherever you are in town. The coffee is excellent and the staff is friendly." I always get a bag to go! Anthology is a place for the true coffee connoisseur, who appreciates the story behind the beans and the subtle flavors of each roast. I mention this because parking in Saugatuck can be difficult at times – it’s a lovely, popular town. Named one of the top 25 best coffee roasters in America. ", Polly says, "Mile Square Coffee has a location in City Market and fills the space with such a gorgeous aroma! Located in Ponyride in Corktown, a warehouse that houses spots for local artists and artisan producers (check out Detroit Denim), Anthology roasts some of the best single origin beans around. Aaron Cruz, my Michigan go-to guy for coffee recommendations, shared a new one for me - "Hyperion Coffee Company! You see, I’m in love with small coffee roasters. Owner and roaster, Jared Linzmeier brought his years of experience from Intelligentsia in LA and Caffe Ladro in Seattle back to his native Wisconsin in 2013. Head to their West Fulton headquarters, which features Metric's roasting works and cafe, to enjoy some of its radiant coffees, espresso drinks, and treats from wholesale partners, Spilt Milk Pastry., Thaleia Maher of Something2Offer recommends Winan's - with 14 locations! My MIL lives near here, and you can count on me heading down to get coffee the very day we arrive on every visit., Days 6, 7 & 8 in #Ethiopia started and ended with some of the best coffee in Addis, Ababa where we cupped nearly 60 coffees, with a couple scoring 90+ points! Photo below. This allows them to roast their own coffee on site, ensuring superior flavor, enhanced aroma, and guaranteed freshness.”  Pickled in philosophy and propelled through action and engagement, we are here to get you buzzed, both AM and PM.", Heavy Table's Amy Rea notes, "City Girl Coffee in Duluth, MN is the latest result of the unlikely story of a Moroccan immigrant and his wife opening up a coffee roaster years ago, just because they couldn’t get good coffee in their adopted city. Arcane Coffee Company specializes in single-origin coffees, no blends. Copyright © Seed Leaf Inc. 2021 All Rights Reserved. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but if you can’t get to Saugatuck, the coffee is sold online and all around the Midwest., Stop into one of three Ann Arbor locations of Mighty Good and walk into coffee goodness. I love these guys. Besides being able to buy the coffee freshly roasted, and being served at a variety of local coffeeshops, the booth at West Side Market makes me happy. Coffee – it’s the stuff of life – and millions of people would agree with you, including myself – and a few dozen Midwest travel experts. Fresh crop #YirgacheffeIdido and special prep #Sumatra Silk on the table. Checkout the large burlap bags of beans and the coffee roaster in back or the nuts, teas, coffees, and gifts for sale in front as you wait for your handcrafted coffee from the espresso bar. A quick drive from Chicago brings you to Milwaukee., Located in an 1850s Italianate house, Blue Hat Coffee /Gallery is a destination!, Another favorite coffee shop in town, Coexist Café, serves only Euphoria coffee., Dominique King and Tim Marks, of Midwest Guest, often stop in at Schuil's and stock up. Only one brand of coffee can now be found at our house. I first discovered Java Jones at the Kalamazoo Farmer’s Market – and love it., Aaron Cruz recommends two roasters with coffee shops in GR - the first is Madcap., Aaron Cruz also suggests Rowster. If you are the Starbucks type who enjoys a frozen blended caramel concoction, Anthology is not for you. I will admit (as you can tell from this article): I am a coffee snob.THIS coffee?, Sherryl Wilson recommended Classic Rock Coffee. Take a careful look at all the roasts - I'm impressed. Through quality time at the source of its coffee, Wonderstate develops meaningful connections that you can taste in every cup. I love many things about them, but especially the names they choose for their coffees (Woodward Avenue! With unparalleled values and ethical practices, you can feel good about drinking coffee this good. Forgive us for the poeticism, but it’s true: a coffee shop can be so much more than it suggests. Ann Arbor – Mighty Good Coffee Roasters. "Right in the heart of the Uptown Grand Rapids neighborhood on Wealthy Street sits this modern and minimalist, yet hip coffee shop. I can't even tell you how much I buy from them every year. The Beauty Queens Parlor Coffee. Metric’s name derives from the unit of measurement found on a vintage German Probat that founders Xavier Alexander and Darko Arandjelovic restored from dilapidation. You see, I’m in love with small coffee roasters. We're focused on roasting the finest specialty coffees from around the world and providing visitors with an awesome and educational experience.” Fulcrum Coffee - Seattle, WA. In fact, the owner, Chris Treter, is kind of a leader in the fair trade/organic coffee movement, and has personal relationships with a lot of the growers who supply their coffee. There are a lot of terms flying around the third wave coffee … Choose from a variety of premium roasts — Minneapolis-based Peace Coffee sources only organic, fair-trade beans. The place is full of great little touches; they got tired of handing out disposable cups, for instance -- and realizing that everybody has too many commemorative coffee cups lying around, they just make use of used pottery ones. The best coffees and profiles become part of the lineup at CRCC." Constantly turning out product that is above and beyond what you think is possible when it comes to coffee.", Josh Duke, of Visit Hendricks County, referred us to this shop, via an article that notes, "The owner, Dudley Foreman, has come a long way in the last six years. I love the brick elegance of the downtown location, as well as the liveliness of the baristas. Midwest Roasters, LLC is an equal opportunity employer ... Brodie Is a great roastmaster, and his shoes will be difficult to fill. He no longer roasts beans for his own sipping pleasure in an old air pop popcorn machine., Tonya Prater of the Traveling Praters recommends a coffeehouse (and pizzeria?!). E.g. Each location has a different vibe; perhaps my favorite is the original location, downtown. I'd love to hear your favorites! Peet's Coffee Big Bang Medium Roast. It will please everyone, from offices or fire stations with large coffeemakers to the home coffee enthusiast. They are artisans, and we are the beficiaries (thank you!). Our Roast of the Month Subscription box offers fresh, locally roasted beans on a monthly basis delivered right to your doorstep.Browse our products and services below to experience everything the Midwest Coffee Culture has to offer. Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters from Summer House Films on Vimeo. Bee Coffee Roasters - Indianapolis, IN. - Johann Sebastian Bach Coffee – it’s the stuff of life – and millions of people would agree with you, including myself – and a few dozen Midwest travel experts. Barista Magazine has taken note, with an article entitled, "Coffee Culture in Western Michigan: The region’s microroasters and specialty cafés just might be United States specialty-coffee industry’s biggest trendsetters," - and I believe Kalamazoo is at the forefront. and pastries from local bakeries/markets. The coffee house has about a half dozen varieties brewed and ready for visitors to sample as they shop.” And roasting coffee is complicated. Matt Sorrell of Cocktails are Go!, added yet another reason to visit StL. Seeing those blue bags makes me happy. She shares an excerpt of a post from Slava Bowman - “Not Just Cut & Dried is a family owned store that has a wide selection of coffee and tea, and beautiful displays of other goodies and home decor. A region best known for big … And while AJ still loves to reminisce about the legacy of his famous café, his dream is much bigger than a 3,000 sq ft. building. - Johann Sebastian Bach Coffee – it’s the stuff of life – and millions of people would agree with you, including myself – and a few dozen Midwest travel experts. ... we’ve compiled the best coffee roasters to order from. Coffee is his passion, and tea is hers. You can buy many varieties of freshly roasted coffee, and get a delicious drink and dessert (they are known for their pies) and sit in one of the large parlors (or on the porch). Their commitment to … I love the brick ... Coldwater – Blue Hat. Now you can find locally roasted, single-origin beans in Arkansas, coffee cocktails in downtown Birmingham, or even a cold brew-centric spot in New Orleans. I haven't been to Viroqua - just a cafe location in Milwaukee - and have received the gift of Kickapoo from 2 friends (thank you so very much, I love you). Gastown. I love a company that gives back. - Johann Sebastian Bach Coffee – it’s the stuff of life – and millions of people would agree with you, including myself – and a few dozen Midwest travel experts. A freshly roasted cup of coffee is one of the finest things in the world, as far as we’re concerned. Million Bag March!). Enormous thanks to our Midwest travel experts - and the coffee roasters! Have been drinking their coffee for years!" All roasts are crafted in the back of the cafe in very small batches. We source globally and deliver fresh roasted whole bean coffee direct to your door. - See 119 traveler reviews, 21 candid photos, and great deals for Sioux Falls, SD, at Tripadvisor. Their Driftless Dreamer is the perfect morning blend - strong enough to wake you up. Although this coffeehouse is on the edge of the Aggieville neighborhood's pulsing college bar scene, it is a quiet, it's a comfy place to work (free wifi), chat with friends, or sink into a couch with a good book in the living room setting surrounded by local artists' works for sale. Dozens of coffee roasters deserve praise for their commitment to crafting the best cup of joe. Bee Coffee Roasters is committed to the craft of the roasting and to the craft of the brewing. I really loved how personal they made the experience. (604) 558-4444. Photo: Walking Tourists, Bridgette Kelch, Executive Director at Downtown Washington, Inc. recommends the Flat Kitty Coffee Company, found at Not Just Cut & Dried. MIFXIN's Home Coffee Roaster not only has one of the largest bean capacities you can find, it's also one of the most affordably priced machines out there. Coffea Roasterie: Best Coffee in the Midwest (and beyond!) It’s no easy task for a coffee to become Back in Black Bold, Breakfast in America Morning Brew or Barracuda Bite. Just look at that Wisconsin coffee goodness! Matchstick Coffee Roasters Roasting coffee is simple. The 'Ville location is one of four Radina's in town.", This roaster is Roast magazine’s 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year! All photos Wandering Educators, except where noted, Note: This article was originally published in 2017 and updated in 2020, Community Guidelines | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Advertise with Us | Press Page | About Us | Contact Us | FTC Disclaimer |, Copyright 2007-2018 - Wandering Educators, A Travel Library for People Curious About the World. Thou Mayest means "the way is open"and is seeing your life as a vast, glowing, empty page, waiting to be written by you. Detroit. I've enjoyed many pour overs sitting on a stool up at the tasting bar right in front of the coffee roaster, also taking home some of their popular Milky Way beans to experiment with." Their website shares, "Not just any coffee can make it into the CRCC lineup. -- you just take it with you and bring it back when you're done. Stop into one of three Ann Arbor locations of Mighty Good and walk into coffee goodness. YAY ME! See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Coffee Roasting & Handling Equipment in Midwest City, OK., With the main cafe located near Sleeping Bear Dunes, the Leelanau Coffee Roasting Company is always busy. It holds a whopping 750 grams—roughly 1.6 pounds—of your favorite coffee beans . He was so knowledgable and passionate.”  In the nature of the Twin Cities, Dogwood is a dual roaster, with another location just north of the border in Winnipeg, Manitoba. While there are many roasts, I got the Rustic Fire Dark Roast for my dad, who loves a smoky flavor (his favorite whisky is Laphroig). The current owners Joe and Laurie travel and actually meet the farmers that tend the coffee and chocolate crops., Kristen Hirsch Montag of Meet Minneapolis chimed in with an old favorite of mine. Midwest Travel Experts On 50 Best Coffee Roasters You Need to Know | Wandering Educators. Single-origin means that sometimes coffee beans originate from the same region, but can even come from the same farm. Photo: Higher Grounds. The Old Market location is quite large and has some outdoor seating." No Coast Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roastery located in the heart of the midwest. The next step is easy, brew and enjoy! - See 119 traveler reviews, 21 candid photos, and great deals for Sioux Falls, SD, at Tripadvisor. Their commitment to … The owner, AJ O’Neill, is passionate about this town – and coffee. It’s in a very small building right next to the railroad tracks – and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can see the Banana car parked outside - even fruity car makers need their caffeine! What are your favorites? Home to two of our roasters, the city is also home to a blossoming specialty coffee scene. local coffee roasters in the Midwest. Photo: Stivers Coffee, I recently tried a small batch, freshly-roasted craft coffee that is both incredibly delicious and from a company whose mission I completely support: Fire Department Coffee. Our coffee of choice: Ah’roma Coffee that just happens to be roasted right here in Lincoln, Nebraska." This small-batch roaster proves that you don’t need state-of-the-art equipment to create perfect coffee., Photo: Thaleia Maher, Something2Offer from the factory tour, This is, frankly, one of the most inviting coffee shops I’ve ever been to. In the past, we’ve been to the Northeast, Northern California, and Southern California, so it’s high time that we set our sights on the Midwest and all the great coffee it has to offer. 537. Midwest Coffee Culture is your one-stop shop offering everything necessary to brew fresh coffee from craft roasters around the Midwest. Arriving green, Dudley has perfected how to roast a bean to bring out the natural hidden flavors." Our Baristas are always pushing their understanding and skill with the potent black brew. He can’t stop telling me how great it is. The team here prepares the b… Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas. Our daughter always gets the hot chocolate in the fall, a perfect pick me up after climbing those dunes (although I prefer the coffee at any time). Midwest Coffee Roasting Company: The best coffee.....EVER!! But it's more than great location - the coffee's incredibly delicious. Their commitment to providing the perfect roasted bean, working directly with coffee farmers, and selling fresh roasted coffee are unparalleled., Another great recommendation from Mark Yee - "I first sampled a fabulous Hario V60-prepared Kenyan from Ruby Coffee Roasters on a visit to one of my favorite coffee stands, G&B Coffee, in Downtown LA. The website notes, “Every bean is imbued with the hardworking grit and passion of the great city where it first became famous at AJ’s Music Café in Ferndale, MI.

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